Problems with windows server 2003 backup

Hi There

I am using windows 2003 ,I have a Tape drive installed on it and
I am using the normal windows backup to backup to tape.

My problem is that when I shedule a backup ,
 it does not give me the option to clear the contents on the new tape before the backup is done.

I want to know is there a way of deleting or freeing up the media when you shedule a backup.

When I do the backup manually its prompts me if i want to delete the contents of the tape.
When i shedule it it does not allow me to do this.

any suggestions
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srinimsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can perform backup operations at the command prompt or from a batch file using the ntbackup command followed by various parameters.


ntbackup backup [systemstate] "bks file name" /J {"job name"} [/P {"pool name"}] [/G {"guid name"}] [/T { "tape name"}] [/N {"media name"}] [/F {"file name"}] [/D {"set description"}] [/DS {"server name"}] [/IS {"server name"}] [/A] [/V:{yes|no}] [/R:{yes|no}] [/L:{f|s|n}] [/M {backup type}] [/RS:{yes|no}] [/HC:{on|off}] [/UM]

/T {"tape name"}

Overwrites or appends to this tape
and this is just a suggestion if u r not planning to buy a new s\w
native win backup has problems with it most of the times so i will suggest u to get another backup s\w.

but just to try out make sure u got all the latest and good drivers to the scsi,tape drive.
check the logs to see if there is any communication error(u know the sys logs in win)

give it another shot and it might work
When you use the backup wizard to create the backup, you should towards the end of the wizard have the possibility to select "Replace existing backups". This would overwrite the backups.

You could of course also run

ntbackup /?

from a command line which will start the backup help utility and show you what commandline options are available, and you can use batch files to automate backups when started from a command line.
Please look at the following screenshot

As you can see, when you press "Start Backup" there is a radio button that has Append, or Overwrite.   There is a similar button if you are doing a scheduled backup.

Hope this helps!   Good luck!

To schedule a backup (using backup utility scheduling)

Open Backup.(ntbackup.exe)
Click the Backup tab, and then on the Job menu, click New.
Select the files and folders you want to back up by clicking the box to the left of a file or folder under Click to select the check box for any drive, folder or file that you want to back up.
Select File or a tape device in Backup destination, and then save the file and folder selections by clicking the Job menu, and then clicking Save Selections.
In Backup media or file name, type a path and file name for the backup file, or select a tape.

after type of backup , it will ask for how to backup (verify data after backup).

after this it would ask media option.

in the media option, select "replace the data on the media with this backup".

this will enable you to clean the data in the media, before backit up.
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