Backup Exec 10d - Connection Issues

I've just installed a copy of Backup Exec 10d on my XP Pro machine, with a view to backup one of our remote Windows 2000 Advanced Servers. I've installed the remote agent on the remote server, and opened firewall port 10,000 between our office and the remote server - but I can't seem to get my Backup Exec to see the remote server.

I've telneted to the IP and port, so I know it's open and listening; I think I'm just missing something obvious. I'm trying to connect by clicking 'Network' and 'Connect to Media Server'. Any helpful pointers in the right direction?

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It says that Continuous Protection Agent can be used in WAN but they do not mention it on the Remote Agent for Windows or NetWare Servers product.

I tried to look in some other places but could not find any mention of WAN support, tho i didn't find any place that says it won't support WAN.

You can look here at the remote agent product description:

You can read this article too:
It is an example of backing up remote branch office server to one central server,
they first use Vertias Replication Exec to copy the data from the branch servers and after that they back it up with veritas backup exec, The Veritas company team was involved in this installation they describe here, so i guess that means that if Remote Backup Agents would work over WAN they would have used it.

Is this server on the same domain. Can you see it by simply browsing through your network connections?

I use the same package to backup our servers here and simply open up the backup job. Select remote connections, drill down the directory until i find what i need to backup and away we go.


Fuzzyfish1000Author Commented:
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick response. No, unfortunately, they're not on the same domain - in fact we're not using domains here, or on the remote server; it's a pretty small set-up. I can see all our local machines on remote connections - I just can't see a way of connecting to the remote server!

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The domain is not the problem, i tried several times to install Backup-exec remote agents on a server that is in a different segment (we have a VLANed network), and it only work if you are in the same segment with the backup server.
Even it is not really a WAN just a different VLAN it did not let me connect.

Backup Exec just can't support remote server from WAN (another segment).
Fuzzyfish1000Author Commented:
Thanks tomerlei - I guess that makes sense, although I'm quite suprised. Everything in the software did look like it leans towards backing up servers that are vaguely local - although I'd have thought that a bit of software as big as this would have that sort of support. I don't suppose you know of any documentation etc that confirms that, just so I know to look elsewhere?
Fuzzyfish1000Author Commented:
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