Network traffic encoding/decoding boxes


I need something like network traffic encoding/decoding boxes, the situation would be as follows:

one computer --- encoding/decoding box --- (here goes unsecure line with routers/switches) --- encoding/decoding box --- second computer

I think linux boxes can do this. Maybe there is software that does this? What can you recommend for this task.
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If you've not done this type of thing before freeswan is probably fgoing to be fairly tricky!

I personally recommend openVPN for this type of thing as it is much easier iMHO to set up:

The howto is good:

and as well as providing a bridge (as you've detailed above, it can be configured for individual computers (laptops or 'road-warriors') to connect usign a fairly simple client for windows.

Over all, I consider it to be easier to work with than any of the other VPN solutions (IMHO).....

How about a router utilizing a IPSEC VPN or try freeswan for Linux to Linux encryption. This way you can encrypt communications
between your systems.

harbor235 ;}
besideAuthor Commented:
I have already thought about using VPN between two encoding/decoding boxes, but I would like more instructions to do my task for example using freeswan to make such configuration: (client1) - (e/d box with freeswan) - (e/d box with freeswan) - (client2)

in other words, I would like that client1 and client2 would work as in usual network and encoding/decoding boxes would be simply transparent.
Instructions specifically for a bridge:
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