Secure FTP Server On Solaris

I would like to setup a secure FTP Server on Sun Solaris. It should also support on the fly data compression (good compression). Any idea where I can purchase such solution ?
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Oh almost forgot, hopefully you plan to investigate the compress-ability of your data.  Some data is inherently already compressed simply because of how its saved.  If this is the case for your data, enabling compression will only slow down the transfer and could possibly be slower then if compression was turned off.
Well, one avenue you have is SSH which includes SFTP and SCP and comes with Solaris these days.  So you kinda already have secure FTP already.

Is making FTP secure the requirement *or* simply that you need to perform file transfers securely ?
To expand on Nukfror's comment, there are are many things that could be oconstrued as "secure FTP". Some of these include:
  o FTP with SSL extensions, also known as FTPS
  o SSH with FTP extensions, also known as SFTP
  o FTP over physically and logically private networks
  o Regular FTP using encrypted files such as with PGP, S/MIME, etc.
  o Web-services based file-transfers over HTTP/S
  o Web-services based file-transfers over HTTP but using XML-crypt and XML-sign
  o Web-services based file-transfers over HTTP but using encrypted files such as with PGP, S/MIME, etc.
  o Others that I have missed...
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I'm going to take a guess that MyQ2004 is talking about SFTP.  If that's the case, Solaris comes standard with SFTP (via its ssh installation).
MyQ2004Author Commented:
Thanks for all the comments. Yes, I am talking about SFTP. My system is supposed to handle huge data transfer (as big as 18 GB in size). In that case, data compression becomes very important. Can I configure the SFTP to support data compression on the fly prior to data transfer via SFTP on Sun Solaris ? Thanks in advance.
Yes, see the man page for ssh_config.  Specifically look at:


         Specifies whether to use compression. The argument  must
         be yes or no. Defaults to no.


         Specifies the compression level to use if compression is
         enabled.  The  argument must be an integer from 1 (fast)
         to 9 (slow, best). The default level is 6, which is good
         for most applications. kNote that this option applies to
         protocol version 1 only.

Don't forget that sftp can also use the -C switch as part of the command line to activate compression as necessary.
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