Changes Needed to the BIOS for Dual Boot Windows XP and Windows 64

Installing dual boot WIndows Xp and WIndows 64 onto a Tyan K8WE SLI Board with Dual 248 Opterons. Is there anything or setting that needs to be made in the BIOS or motherboard?

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If you have the Operating systems installed on separate drives, You can actually dual boot through the BIOS, as I've done.
Instead of having a boot manager, I switch between the boot devices through the BIOS.
So normal boot: Make first hard disk the boot drive.
Alternate boot: Make second hard disk the boot drive.

But if you prefer the "normal" way using a boot manager, then no, no BIOS change needed other than to ensure that your hard disk is set as a boot device.

As for the motherboard....READ THE MOTHERBOARD manual and/or read the print on the motherboard regarding possible jumpers, BIOS settings, etc,  You can download the manual from the net by searching on Google or going to the company's website.

Here's a review of the board:     Tyan K8WE NFORCE4 Professional SLI Motherboard Review -
no the bios only recognizes devices & loads the o/s bootstrap loader, as long as you can see the drive(s) or partition(s), it should be fine.
Both those OS'es should work with dual cpus - no BIOS or motherboard changes are necessary.  WinXP64 may require an updated BIOS for the drivers to work, but it may work fine also.
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no setting on bios since  dual boot is set by boot.ini file.
install OS #1, then install OS #2.
make sure that OS 2 recongnize that you already have an OS and choose
to install in diffrent folder or drive . the installation do the rest.
I use a boot manager that reconizes all three Hard drives.
hey tmcghee, what's your status?  plz respond for further assistance.
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