Mac OS hang

I'm really new with MAC OS, after power on the machine, its hang and I dunno what to do now, its totally hang and they keyboard and mosue isnt functioning at all..

and I have a few questions on MAC
How do I force shutdown the system?
How do I shutdown the pc?
How do I check my G5 specification? RAM,Processor speed, disk size???

and what other function that I can use in OS, I've been with computer 10 years and only qith Microsoft and VMS and none other product..

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Sorry, but I am not at my Mac at the moment. If you go to Accounts it should be obvious how to add a new one.

Also, I suggest that you open Disk Utility in the Utilities folder and run REPAIR PERMISSIONS while booted from the hard drive.

After you have done that, insert the OS Install CD and reboot holding down the c key. Once it has booted from the CD, pull down one of the menues to Disk Utility and this time use Disk First Aid to repair the drive. (Do NOT run repair permissions while booted from the CD).
Try typing Command-Option-Escape for a force quit. (Equivalent of MS Task Manager).
You can force a hard shutdown by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds.
All the specs are available by pulling down the Apple Menu to About this Mac and hitting the More button.
motioneyeAuthor Commented:
ok, sounds simple..
Oh another question:

How do I create new user in Mac OS??? and how do I delete user profile in Mac?
Pull down the Apple Menu to System Preferences and find the Users Accounts prefs panel.
motioneyeAuthor Commented:
okey back to my questions,
the Mac is always hung even I Option-Escape, it won't shutdown and I need to press the swtich off button, I've try many times  and it wont last for 30 minutes at least, I've try watching dvd, that worse I insert the DVD and after few sec's it hung again and again..

Yeah I see the User accounts under system Preferences, but how do I register new user?
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