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I have two different networks with the same situation, one is Exchange 2003, and the other is Exchange 5.5. Both are setup such that Exchange handles only internal messaging. No internet mail service or smtp connectors are setup. Internet email is handled by the Outlook clients via pop3 but store all mail in the Exchange mailbox. My question is if the Out of Office assistant can reply to internet email in this configuration, or does internet mail have to be setup on the Exchange server?
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For the OOTO message to fire, the message it is responding to has to come in to Exchange directly.
IN your configuration, you are using Exchange for internal email and as a storage point. Therefore the OOTO message would only be sent to internal people.

You don't need an SMTP Connector for Exchange 2003, as that deals with purely outbound email. Exchange 2003 is SMTP based, so all you have to do is get your email delivered directly to the Exchange server and it will do the rest.

i could understand that you use POP3 to pull mails from your ISP and deliver them to individual mailboxes. My question is Do you also send mails to the internet? if yes, How ? In case, you have your Exchange server configured to send mails to internet via ISP (smart host), you Out of office should work

Your POP3 connector will pull the mails from your ISP and will deliver them to respective mailboxes in your Exchange server. As soon as this mail will be delivered, an Out of Office message will be generated with sender's address as recipient's address. and the mechanism you are using to deliver emials to internet will be used to send this mail back to the internet.
But for this, you will have to enable Out of office for internet in both Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2003, by default, it is disabled.

Amit Aggarwal.
mnbaerAuthor Commented:
I send email to the internet via the Outlook clients. Neither Exchange server handles the internet email and no connectors are setup on them. So this is my question, do the servers need internet messaging service (fot the 5.5 server) or an SMTP connector (for the 2003 server) in order for the Out of Office Assistant to work for internet email?

Thanks for the reply,

i don't think so.
Out Of Office is nothing but a server side rule, and as you do not have any connection to internet from exhange server, it will not work.


Manoj Kumar
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