Deleted emails from mailbox

SERVER: Windows 2003 Enterprise
MAIL: Exchange Server 2003
Client: Windows XP, Office 2003

User came in this morning, and every email is gone from the mailbox.  Exchange SysMan shows only 68 items in the mailbox, of what use to be over 6,000.  Is there anyway I can tell if the user themselves deleted the files and refuses to fess up?  Or maybe find out if an SA was careless and purged the wrong mailbox?  I am curious to know if there is a log of the activity somewhere.
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Hi bouncethebox,

You can go to deleted items folder and if that is empty too, just select the folder and choose tools/recover deleted items.  If you see it there, it can be restored.

most of the times when i've seen this, the person has moved or deleted the folder.

Did the user try to set up a POP3 account to check his email from home? If so it may have downloaded everything from the server (this is default).
bouncetheboxAuthor Commented:
Actually, after verbally threatening to break the face of an Help Desk Administrator, it turns out the HD-A deleted the account.  Then, she recreated it with a mailbox and yadda yadda.  After running MBC on Exchange, I saw the orphaned mailbox and promptly reconnected it to the user account.  Thanks for the idea's though, I thought I was losing my mind for awhile there.  
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