Sort Contacts Distribution List by Company Instead of Name

Is there a way to sort the "Select Names" box by Company rather than Name?  

When I go to new mail message and hit the To: button it pops open the "Select Names" box.  When the GAL is shown it has Name, Business Phone, Home Phone, Company...  When I hit the drop down for the show names, I select Contacts, this brings up all my personal contacts sorted by first name.  The options are Name, Display Name, E-Mail Address, E-mail Type.  Is there a way to add Company and then sort the Contacts list by Company?

Your help is much appreciated!!!

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cwileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can find a way to put a new option on one of these forms, this would work :|

1) Start Outlook.
2) On the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts.
3) Click View or change existing directories or address books, and then click Next.
4) Click Outlook Address Book, and then click Change.
5) Under Outlook Address Books, click the address book for which you want to change the contact display format . For example, click Contacts: Personal Folders or Contacts: Mailbox – Mailbox name, and then click File As (Smith, John).
6) Click Close, and then click Finish.
7) Quit and restart Outlook.

You also need to go into each of your contacts, go into their properties and change their "FILE AS" to their company name.
(open your contacts folder, find the contact you wish to "file as" under a company name, double click them and change their "file as" to the company name you have listed in the "Company Name" textbox above)
Actually don't know why I said that first line, that should work but I'm using Outlook 2003.
bresingerAuthor Commented:
I will try this.

bresingerAuthor Commented:
Yep, that worked.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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