Norton Internet Security - Understanding "Remote System is Trying to Access Your Computer"

I have been getting the following message:

Medium Risk

A remote system is attempting to access your computer -

Protocol UDP Inbound
Remote address
Local Address

What do you want to do
Permit Always (recommened)


How do I know what this remote systme is?  Is this something from inside my firewall or from somone outside?

Thanks In Advance

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If the address begins with 192.168.x.x then it is from inside your network.

How big a network do you have?

You can start by checking your own IP address (type "ipconfig /all" at a command prompt).
KimberleyYAuthor Commented:
We have less than 10 PC's, a few pocket PC's and a couple of smart phones. We have a router and each PC has Norton Internet Security and Norton Firewalls turned on.

We use a wireless internet connection which is WPA secutiry enabled.

Thanks - now that I know how to tell inside/outside - I can better decide what to do when the prompt occurs.

Yes, 192.168.x.x is a special subnet reserved for local traffic only, so anything with those numbers must be local.

In case you are suspicious of an IP address and need to check who owns it, go to and enter it in the blank field at the upper right of that page and click on "Search Whois"

Looking at your specific example, it seems some client is trying to connect via UDP port 67. This is normally used by the DHCP protocol to obtain an IP address automatically. It should be quite harmless to allow that traffic.
KimberleyYAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much this will be a great help - Good Job!
Thanks, and Happy Computing!
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