Do you need to purchase Microsoft CALS for a 3rd party application being hosted?

I have a new Windows 2003 Server that is a member of an AD domain.  I have per user licensing setup for my 200 users.  I want to run Groupwise for e-mail on the new server.  Do I need to purchase new CALS for this?  If I was per seat instead of per-user - would I still need to purchase more CALS?  
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NJComputerNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And yes,..... switch to per seat (per device)...instead of using per user...
no new cals needed if only the 200 (currently licensed) clients are the only ones that are going to the Groupwise...  (you may need Groupwise licensing...but you don't need to buy any more Windows CALS.
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