VPN connection dropped after 360 seconds

Dear experts,

I have 4 remote users making vpn connections.  The 3 people using Windows XP have no problem.  However the person using windows 2000 finds that there connection is dropped after 360 seconds.  I have checked the properties between xp and 2000 on the vpn connections and they are the same.

A machine called an Inty manages our remote connections and this doesn't have any timeout settings on it. In the log on the Inty, it says that the client pc failed to resond to an echo request before the connection was dropped.  The user had a TightVNC connection to one of our internal pc's at the time the VPN connection was lost though

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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robrandonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is always 360 seconds, it sounds like it's a software issue.  Do you know if the connection was dropped because the client didn't respond to the ping, or vice versa?  If it is the first, is there a FW running on the 2000 box that would prevent the pings from getting back?  If it's the later, you may want to check the connection properties on the client side for timeouts.
glennturner1Author Commented:
I'll gve it a try without the firewall.  

I can see any indication of timeouts on the clients conenction properties.
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