How to know which user is authenticated on a DC.


1. How can I know or run a report to find out which user is authenticated on the two DC's I have in my network? Can you force a user to move from one DC to the other? How?

2. How can I know or run a report when a user last changed his/her password?
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As far as reporting goes, you can get something like that from scriptlogic or Quest, but it's not free.

You can force users to use a particular DC if you setup AD sites and services and put 2 different subnets in place...otherwise the local DCs on that subnet will just be "grabbed" based on whichever responds first...

For when a user last changed his password and other great info, go here:

and download that.

If you enable/register the acctinfo.dll on a computer (even your workstation) that you run ADUC from you'll get an additional tab in their user account with that info, and other info.
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