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Rinstall windows 2000 pro

I have a pc that is hanging and turning off randomly. I want to reinstall wndows 2000 pro. However when I get to the step to select the partition to repair. It will not give me the choice to repair. The c drive says the partion is damaged. It is formatted NTFS and does boot and run fine except for the random hangs and turning off. By random I mean it may go a week without a problem and then sometimes it will only go a couple of hours.
Anyway can I repair this partition so that I can reinstall windows.
2 Solutions
If you want to reinstall, don't choose to repair.  Choose for a new installation.  At that point you can decide if you want to format your C partition or not.  You will lose your data on the C drive if you choose to format.  If not, your data will be there, but you will have to reinstall all of your applications.
run chkdsk c: /f /r

your system will need to reboot in order to run the operation.
whiwexAuthor Commented:
chkdsk din't fix the problem

When I get to the setup window where you select where you want to install windows the drive says it's unformatted or damaged.
Wayne BarronCommented:
You need to download the Hard Disk Utility from the Manufacture.
Create the Boot-Floppy, and go in and run the Dianostics on the Drive.

If it is hangin on you like this, then it could be a problem with the Drive.
Also, check in the [Event Viewer] and see if there is a problem there.
Windows 2000, is starting to become corrupt, certain programs that are run, may cause your Windows installation
To Hang (or) Cause a Fault.
If this is the case, then you will need to re-install the system.

Backup all data to another Parition.
(If you do not have another partition on the Computer, (Which is recommended) Then when you reinstall
Choose to [Partition] your drive before choosing to [Format] & [Install]

View the [Answer] for information on Partition Tables

I have better information on EE about doing a complete [Reinstall] of Win2k.
But cannot seem to find it among all the posts that I have been involved in.
Too busy at the time to re-write the information again.

Good Luck

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