Installshield :What is the function of setup.inx files

please help
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fostejoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Setup.inx is a standard part of InstallShield(/MacroVision now) packages which are based upon their "InstallScript" technology.

Basically, InstallScript is the technology InstallShield use to leverage the functionality available to a software packager by allowing them to write (or use someone elses) subroutines and functions to acheive tasks that may otherwise be cumbersome to achieve natively.  In the case of Setup.inx, the coding it contains, as programmer1024 mentions, helps to ensure that the install/repair/uninstall work as required.

There are numerous InstallScript examples at , also provides the in-depth technical details of the role of Setup.inx and the other numerous supporting InstallScript based files.

hope that helps,
According to Installshield, Setup.inx is a compiled script file that serves installation and install repair services.
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