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SetProcessShutdownParameters for another process?

Does anybody know of a way of altering the shutdown level of another process? SetProcessShutdownParameters obviously only works on the caller's own process.

I thought of calling SetProcessShutdownParameters for my own process then launching the second process, but it seems the shutdown level isn't inherited?
2 Solutions

It looks like the value is not inherited (always default to 0x280) . Take a loook at

I wouldn't recomment to use this for professional development - but you can try
creating a remote thread to your target proc's SetProcessShutdownParameters().

You need to inject your code to another process:
infofinderAuthor Commented:
Yep it looks like that's the only option, but I don't feel that the risks and hassle of such an approach are justified in this case. I've contacted the author of the other software to see if they'd consider adding an extension to get the desired effect.

But thanks mxjijo and AlexFM - at least now I know I'm not missing a simple API that would do the job!

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