How to change localhost to something else


I use WinXP with IIS as my OS to develop and test webpages on my localmachine.

I current need to access all pages using http://localhost/foldername/

Is there any way by which I can add a new name instead of using localhost, so that way I can access different sites by their name directly (and not have to use localhost).

Eg: //jasonzsite/ -> where jasonzsite is what formerly used to be localhost.

This way i can keep each site seperate and not have to access it thru localhost/

How do i do this?

Thank You
Jason Menezes
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KenneniahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unlike IIS on a server, the IIS in XP does not support virtual websites. Virtual websites on a server OS based IIS allow you to have mutiple websites such as,, so on running on the same server. The server looks at the URL that was typed, and gives the appropriate web page.

In the XP IIS, while you could edit the hosts file to point any names you want to the local computer, it wouldn't accomplish much as you would still need to use the foldername as well.
jasonmzsAuthor Commented:
Agreed. I've seen this a lot from web developers using an XP computer for testing. Some of them have ended up installing Apache web server instead for this.
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