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I am just moving from web application development using ASP.Net and VB.Net and am not moving onto Windows Application Development using Visual Studio 2005 and VB.Net...

I am a systems administrator with programming being my first love... I want to develop a few applications to make my job a little easier. What i want to know if any of this is possible as i only have experience with web development...

I want to develop a app that can do the following. Restart a windows server machine at a schedualed time, read the event logs on that server and possibly email out notifications.

I guess what my question here is: is it possible to control functions on a windows server OS, like shutdowns, and reading things like the event logs etc...

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MageDribbleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can google VB.NET Windows Service and get a ton of results.  Here are a few I used...

This is C# but the concept is the same
yes, i'd recommend creating a windows service.  it'll run in the background and you can code it to do what you want.  a service is also easier to start/stop for an admin (imo)
NugsAuthor Commented:
Any resource websites on this that i can do some reading off of?!
NugsAuthor Commented:
Cool, that is a good start, thanks...
thanks for the points and good luck with your project.
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