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hard drive cleaning

which soft ware is best to permanently erase hard drves and block ip address?
1 Solution
I personally prefer killdisk, easy to use and it's free.

I've used the following for years, and no matter what recovery software I use it won't recover the disk space it's overwritten!

NFR key for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Veeam is happy to provide a free NFR license (for 1 year, up to 10 users). This license allows for the non‑production use of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 in your home lab without any feature limitations.

Throw the drive in a fire...   seriously.  Thats the best way to prevent data from being used.   There are many programs out there but a good hacker that knows how to disassemble the plates and use a special machine can get it back pieced together.  This takes many hours if not days but it can be done, even after some software claims to "erase" it forever.  

I like the fire idea, but I have used a hi-lo, or a pair of safety glasses and a large hammer to get the real satisfaction of total physical distruction... Oh also the magnets are really strong and fun to give to kids to play with.
Fires, hammers, and cruel magnets; next, pitchforks!--good lord, what have we come to? :O

I've never physically destroyed a hard drive, before, but I have always wanted to so badly. Personally, I think the best and most thorough way would be to disassemble the drive, remove the platters, and grind them into powder on a bench grinder or a belt sander, something like that. Then, there's not even a trashed platter to look at. Not even pieces. It's just gone!

Seriously, a good disk-wiping utility will do more than just erase the pointers to files that reside elsewhere on the drive, the entire capacity will be, at the least, overwritten with zeros. Department of Defense standards for drive disposal actually call for several passes over the entire drive with different patterns. Good programs have options for even lengthier routines than those called for by the DoD. However, unless you are worried about the FBI or really well-connected crackers trying to get at your data with special equipment, a single pass of 0's will be enough to make a drive report all 0's over its entire capacity. Here is a pdf from 2001: http://iase.disa.mil/asd_hd_disposition_memo060401.pdf

I like Darik's Boot and Nuke at http://dban.sourceforge.net/ for disk wiping.
I have done some research into this and the BEST Recommendation I recieved was to run a program GDisk that is part of the Ghost package.  Run GDisk at the DOD Level Wipe and even better reload an OS after you wipe.  If someone wants to obtain information after this it is possible BUT VERY Expensive and may not get much.  Only sure way that all information is lost forever and NO-ONE can recover anything is to destroy the HD using a Wipe Magnet - HD is a door stop.  LOL

Hope this Helps!!!  
I wrote myself a simple program which generates random text files until it has filled the drive and then turns round and deletes them all again. As the drive gets close to being full it makes the junk files smaller and smaller to ensure that every last usable byte has been written to. I can't see how any data that was previously on the drive can survive this approach.
Well that's one way, but having worked with people that do data recovery there are ways & means to recover stuff once the drive has been wiped, rewritten & even low level formatted.  Technowlegy is amasing lol.  Personally, the best way is to destroy the disck inside.

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