Groupwise to Exchange 2003 Migration

I really, really need help with this...

Once I have installed and configured the Groupwise and Calender Connectors. Do I then move the users mail box to exchange? Do you install outlook on the users pc with Groupwise or remove Groupwise??

I would like to perform a phased migration. Would it be easier to schedule people daily and when their time comes up Move their inbox, calender etc... and then uninstall Groupwise and then install outlook. My main question is that they will keep their exisiting DNS and MX records and that we are doing a phased migration the email will still be coming in through Groupwise until the entire directory has been migrated. Will the users that have been moved to Exchange and that are utilizing Outlook be able to recieve email through groupwise and the connnector? Will groupwise forward email to exchange? Should I uninstall Groupwise Client first then install outlook?

Any help is greatly appreicated!!


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1. You will not be using the calander connector to move users from groupwise to exchange, the calander or calcon as it it is known in exchange term is used to sync calander information.
2. We need to install connector for groupwise on the exhcange server, when the configuration is done in the right manner both the email systems will work in co-existance.
3. You will need to setup the exchange server and test 2 major functionality;
a. Dirsync
b. Mailflow
4. Once this is established, create test users in Exchange and test mailflow and calender sync between test and workingn users in groupwise.
5. Migrate 1 mailbox using the exchange migration wizard from groupwise to exchange. (this will make a complete copy of the groupwise mailbox and will not delete the source mailbox)
6. When the move mailbox is complete, uninstall gwise and remove the connectors for groupwise.

Refer to:
Interoperability, Coexistence, and Migration from Non-Exchange Messaging Systems to Exchange Server 2003 (November 8, 2005)

Exchange Server 2003 Interoperability and Migration Guide

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