Folder Redirection - Can I still use an "All Users" function for the desktop?

Posted on 2006-06-07
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Last Modified: 2010-04-18
I have enabled desktop redirection through a GPO for only a specific machine (Termninal server). If I have all of my users desktops redirected, how do I place a shortcut on the desktop of each user profile without creating it manually every time a new profile is created?

This would apply to only this machine, so I wouldn't want this done through a logon script that would add the shortcut to whatever machine they logged on to (I use Kixtart for logon scripts). If the desktop wasn't redirected, I would just use the "All Users" folder in Documents and Settings. Is there a way to setup a similar "All Users" folder when redirected?
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Unfortunately the "All users" doesn't support redirection.

I believe you can add it to the default user profile on the machine though, but it will only take affect for new users (profiles) on that machine.  So depending on how many have already logged on you could put it in the default user desktop and then just delete off the existing user profiles and let them get recreated.
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Create a GPO and use the following VBScript (with your changes made) as a User Logon Script.  

To change the shortcut being created edit these 3 lines (you can omit the Icon line if you don't want to use a custom icon)
link1target = "g:\groupdat\msds\HAZMATLookup.xls"
link1icon = "\\sr3adc02\gposcripts\icons\hazmat.ico"
link1name = "Hazmat Query.lnk"

If you want to create more than 1 shortcut then you can just add another section with "link2" variables (make sure you dim your new variables at the top) and call the funciton again like

CreateShortcut LoggedOnUsersDesktop link2name, link2target, link2icon

option Explicit
Dim fso, WShell, AllUsersDesktop, LoggedOnUsersDesktop, link1name, link1target, link1icon

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set WShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'Create the All Users Desktop and LoggedOnUsersDesktop variables
AllUsersDesktop = "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\"
LoggedOnUsersDesktop = WShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%USERPROFILE%") & "\Desktop\"

'link1 area for SPR HazmatLookup
link1target = "g:\groupdat\msds\HAZMATLookup.xls"
link1icon = "\\sr3adc02\gposcripts\icons\hazmat.ico"
link1name = "Hazmat Query.lnk"

CreateShortcut LoggedOnUsersDesktop, link1name, link1target, link1icon

'Functions Section

'Create a shortcut.  pass in (path to folder, shortcut name, shortcut target, path to icon)
Function CreateShortcut(fldr, linkname, linktarget, linkicon)
      Dim link1
      If Not fso.FileExists(fldr & linkname ) Then
            Set link1 = wshell.CreateShortcut(fldr & linkname)
            link1.TargetPath= linktarget
            link1.IconLocation = linkicon
      End If
      Set link1 = Nothing
End Function

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That did it, TheCleaner. Thanks.

mcsween, I didn't test your method since TheCleaner's worked and is much less complicated. Thanks for your help though.
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Welcome...btw mcsween's vbscript is worth hanging onto for creating shortcuts in the future...

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