CItrix - printer list shows other client printers

1) a client's printer list shows a number of printers that were created on various servers in addition to client's own.  I just want the list show their own printers whether auto-ceated or created in the session (and kept in their profiles)
2) on occasion the default printer changes to one of those,  (big problem when somebody prints a confidential document)

I have found a few postings on this site, but not a clear answer.

I appreciate your help

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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
each user should only see their own default printer and any session printers they have installed.  If they are seeing all printers on the server then they probably have admin rights to the local server which isn't a good thing.  Check that first.
Also, check all of you local printers on the server (normally mapped via tcp/ip port).  These must have security set on them because they default to 'Everyone' in the ACL.  Did you perhaps import a network print server into Citrix?  That would also explain seeing those printers.  As far as your default changing...there was a hotfix that addressed an issue similar to that...may be a bug.  Often when I see people's defaults "mysteriously changing" it means they messed with their local default printer (on their workstation); now it does not map and they get the next one on the list they have rights to.  
The Administrators group (mentioned by mgcIT) is the easiest and first thing to check.  
stuncerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reponses.  Yes, we had a group of users in the local admin.  This is now fixed.
However, I still have the second problem, on occasion teh default printer changes.
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