Listbox control truncate the listitem in VB6

Hi there,
I am using Listbox control in VB6.
My problemis when it displays list item, each item is truncated.
Is there any setting that I can change to fully display each item line?

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
do you mean LISTBOX or LISTVIEW ?
how exactly do you mean "truncated"?
Joshuabt, when a listbox item is too long for the listbox, there is not really much you can do.  You can allow for resizing,
but even that will not guarantee that it fits.  I would say it is more your job to be sure it fits.  Perhaps using another control
would be better?  Or perhaps you could cut down what is shown in the list box to something you know fits with a ... at the
end.  Then you could upon click have another control which has scrolling and such options, such as a textbox, take that value
for showing in complete.
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JOSHUABTAuthor Commented:
Sorry, it's my mistake.
It is ListView control and not ListBox Control.
When I add ListItems to ListView control, some items' text property is truncated and doesn't show the full text.
Let's say the ListItem is "OneOfMyListItemInListViewControl".
And it appeasr as "OneOfMyList..." instead of the full text.
I need to make sure all LIstItems show the full text.
How can I do that?

do u have a single column in the listview or multiple columns??
jkaiosConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
I've had the same problem in the ListView control that is contained in the Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6)

Try switching to the older version of the ListView control in the Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2), it'll solve your problem
however, if you're using one of the new features in the version 6.0, such as the "ToolTipText" property of the ListItem object,
then it won't help.
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