securely open a .doc file in openoffice ?

someone i don't know, haven't got a clue who he is, sent me a .doc file
i don't own ms office, but i believe it has a feature that disables vb scripting,
i also believe it is most likely enabled by default ( due to history made by some macro viruses )

does openoffice have disable scripting feature too, if it is enabled by default, how do i disable it ?
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AutogardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Currently on's main page ( there is a section "About the Proof-of-Concept Macro Virus....".   Reading that should help.

quoted from that.... "by default detects if a document contains macros, displays a warning, and will only run the macro if the user specifically agrees. This behaviour conforms to industry best practice."

I would go take a look at that and read the rest of the section.  It should also help to make sure you are running the latest release.
I should add as well that the safest thing to do is not open the file at all if you don't know who it is from/what it is.  I usually just get rid of anything like that.
oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming you have a Windows based machine, you can install the Word Viewer, which is not capable of running macros:
Description of the Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003
Another link with information about macros and OpenOffice and disabling macros:
If you don't know what the file is, you can also just open it in Notepad. That is 100% safe. The formatting will be weird, but you should be able to read the contents enough to decide what it contains.
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