Restoring veritas *.bkf with ntbackup?

is there any problem to restor veritas *.bkf  with ntbackup? (just data).
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Windows 2000 ships with a backup program that is really a light version of the VERITAS Backup Exec program.
for ref:,289483,sid68_gci1076691_tax302875,00.html

(i.e) what you might had is, Full-fledged backup utilities from veritas, which offer features that the bundled backup utility in Windows 2000 does not offer.

And there won't be any problem on doing the restoration of veritas(*.bkf) by ntbackup which is originaly packed with os,
I would think that it would restore a BKF file just fine.  Typically if the software is "special" then it saves with its own special extension.

There is a chance that you cant restore... however I think the odds are in your favor when restoring using NTbackup with bkf files.
no problem , but you have to see that it is properly catalogued.
File restores are OK but the system state is not restorable since MS and Veritas use different ways of doing that.
fm250Author Commented:
Actually I could not restor at all from windows ntbackup, it says it could n't catalog. but thanks for the imput. I will spilt the points.
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