Maximum open sockets per windows processes

I'm wondering if there is an artificial limit on the number of sockets a windows process can open, if the limit changes across Windows versions what is the limit for XP? A link confirming your answer would be helpful.
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cookreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is, of course, some limit.  Unfortunately, said limit is likely situational.  An off the cuff glance at anecdotal information would lead one to not expect more than a few hundred without explicit testing under rigorously controlled conditions.

The most I recall hearing of under XP was somewhere around 2,500.
OkigireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like cookre said, there is of course "some" limit.  What that is, however, I'm not sure... but this site/page seems to shed some light that may be relevant.  Take a look at section 3, for TCP connection attempts.  I'm not sure if it'll help you out or not, but doesn't hurt to mention, right?  It includes a link to a patch to remove that limit too...
joa4705Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You may find more info on the variable limmit of sockets on windows in this links.
Hope it helps you.
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