Distribution List does not send to all contacts on the list.

 The issue I'm having is that I created a Distro. list witha bout 20-25 contacts on it and even though all of the contacts were added in the same manner, display names are all similarly formatted, it skips one person every time. I've tried removing and re-adding the address mulitple times, and including the address in addition to the list in the To: section (which worked, because I knew addressing that person directly didn't cause an issue). Also, it is the exact same person each time, and if I Cc: to myself I can see in the To: section that this person is not even listed. Any ideas as to what could cause this would be greatly appreciated.
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upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
On the Dist.list after adding the email address, click update now. Then save and retry.
Greetings, pkelley47 !

1.Does the problem address have any character other than alpha numeric? Does it have a "/" or "-" in the address?  Some characters have difficulty sending through a distribution list.

2. When you remove and re-add the address, did you add the address in a different location? Maybe the address does not work well at the beginning or end of a list.

3. If no joy, you may have to delete and recreate the list again.  With the new list, test with a couple of addresses, the problem address and one other. Then go on from there if successful.

Best wishes!
pkelley47Author Commented:
1. No, the address is a simple fname.lname@company.com address, and all the others are the same format

2. The entire list is alphabetized by first name, so where it shows in the list (when you double-click the list in the contact view) is where it should be between two other addresses.

3. I'll try recreating a simple list with just my personal address and the problem one and see if that works.

pkelley47Author Commented:
Thanks, I thought I had hit that before when I re-added it the first time, but this time it worked.
You are welcome. It's always good to press Update Now every once in a while.
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