Exchange 2003 system folders

Hi guys,

There are some Exchange Server 2003 public folders I can't seem to find a definitive article about. Some sites say to leave them where they are and let them get deleted, some sites say that they're needed.

Basically, there's the following tree I'm not sure about.


Are these obselete folders in Exchange 2003 or are these still needed?

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mkumar23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Can put some more information about what exactly you are trying to achive?

However, if you are tring to delete some exchange server, you should keep a backup ready.

than, you should keep


you can delete.


InteraXAuthor Commented:
I'me trying to decomission a server and these have been hanging around for a while, but I didn't know what they were, so I just moved them around last time.

I wanted to know what they are before I got rid of them as the migration documents don't include them.
SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If they aren't in the migration documents then you can skip them.
A lot of the system folders are unique to the server they are on - they don't need to be replicated to any of the other servers. I haven't replicated those folders you have mentioned in any of the moves I have done (and I do about three a month).

However I don't delete them either. When I am decommissioning a server I just leave them alone and then use add/remove programs to remove Exchange.

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