Server Msg 8115, Level 16, State 5, Line 1 Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type varchar

We are using SQL Server 200 sp3
The application is called KRONOS.

 It was recently updated and now DBCC is providing the following error.  I beleve that it is a rounding bug in the application but wanted to get some input before I call them has anyone seen this error before?

Microsoft likes Server Msg 8115, Level 16, State 2  but no Info on state 5
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We can't venture a guess without knowing what code is throwing the error.  You'll need to contact the vendor.  If this is the Kronos payroll application...
Customer Support or call (800) 394-4357

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
>Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type varchar
without seeing the code it will be impossible to suggest something...
SherylNAuthor Commented:
I can not see the code as well  This is why I threw it to the wind. I am just after some "expert" feelings on this question.

The support for the program suggested re indexing ?????  (I have no Idea why) But before I start this I wanted to see if ALL thought this was a programming problem.

We are tasked with maintaining the Server only.  There is no programming done in this office.  
SherylNAuthor Commented:
what I thought as well
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