SAP and Transfering Double Byte Characters properly

Hello SAP experts,

I’ve got an issue with double byte characters coming from UNIX/Oracle/SAP system to AS/400 based system


Oracle has a name:        begoña

Funny part is that length (begoña) = 6, but lengthb (begoña) = 7

It means that it took seven bytes in the output string, but it arrived to AS/400 as:      begoña

It looks like it coded differently. AS/400 is using CSID = 500 to support these characters.

Question is how it should be sent from Unix/Oracle to be translated correctly?

Thank you
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Had to figure it out on my own but figured I post  it...

It was a specific part of the process when I write a string from Oracle stored procedure to UNIX flat file using Oracle UTL_FILE utility. Its goes there in a wrong format and gets sent down exactly same way via MQseries to the as/400 appication..

So it has nothing to do with MQseries or the AS/400. It was just the conversion between Oracle and UNIX text file.

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How do I close the question now?
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in SAP it depends on way you would like to export files. From ABAP you can find all
information on
from Oracle you can use uniceode datatypes.

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Did you see my post above?  I already figured out the issue myself. It was just the conversion between Oracle and UNIX text file.

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