OWA and OMA on different ports

I have a Windows 2003 server running Exchange 2003 enterprise and have enabled the OMA feature and setup a default virtual server for OMA following Microsofts knowledgebase article 817379.  

We have it working except we have one problem.  I like to keep my OWA on an off port like 7171 or something similiar so it is harder to find.  But OMA will only work on port 80.  As you know the port setting is on the default web site hearder.  Is there a way to set the 2 sites on different ports and keep them working?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OWA doesn't react very well to using alternative ports. I never recommend that it is done.
If you were to do it, then you would have to leave the original ports in place for OMA and EAS to work correctly. However I stress that it is not something I do, and I don't recommend it. I have seen OWA cause problems in the past, and when I have put the ports back to the default, the problems have cleared up.

I don't recommend changing the ports.
Security by obscurity is not security. If I am looking to attack your web server then I will just scan every port. Changing the port would slow an attacker down by about 30 seconds. All you are doing is stopping automated attacks and inconveniencing your users.

Your better option is to simply block port 80 on the firewall, leave OWA/OMA etc on the default ports.
Then get an SSL certificate and do everything over SSL. That is how I deploy OWA/OMA/EAS and it works very well.
The internal call is via port 80, but port 80 cannot be seen by the internet.

ChrisTHallAuthor Commented:
Ok....I appreciate that...but lets say I want to put them on different ports is it doable?
ChrisTHallAuthor Commented:
Sorry have been away.

I have changed it from an alternate port cause of some new pda's that can't handle them.  But, for the year and a half that it was on an alternate port I had no problems with my users and the site.  Was a very simple IIS port change.

But, I will defer to Sembee and his knowledge about situation.

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