asterisk support? paid or otherwise

we are attempting to setup asterisk@home for our office and possibly a customer.

we know little.  actually had a copy of the commerical version running, with support from the vendor and the company supplying the incoming/outgoing lines.

but when we switched to the @home version the support options have gotten tougher.

we have currently been fiddling for quite awhile learning and trying to get the dialplan setup for our inbound/outbound service.  the supplier doesnt know @home or the gui we would like to use to configure the system.

we are trying to locate professional support at reasonable prices, who are familiar with different versions of asterisk, builds, etc.  someone who has been doing it for awhile that can help with simple advice, more in-depth suggestions and perhaps even dial-in and setup a config file so we can get this working.

i know EE is based on 'helping' for basically no cost, but i have no specific question, but lots and detailed ones, not appropriate her i think.  

the points are for a list of 1 or more individuals, or companies who are well-versed with operating asterisk who can answer questions readily, w/o lots of research.



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I personally haven't used any of them but you can browse the list available here (divided by region):

Good luck!

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What r the  features u wanna implement in ur  Asterisk@home project ???
We r currently workin on one project based on asterisk and have installed and  configured it very well.
Let me know any kinda help u need ......
I believe you will find getting commercial support for @home to be difficult. Asterisk@home is not designed for corporate use and it really does not scale well for a large number of users and  it is difficult to customise for some advanced features that companies commonly want. You should really really run the standard asterisk on a commercial platform and install the additional packages you require yourself.
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