How to assign multiple SSL certificates to a single site? (how to use either web URL and nebios name when accessing site)

That may be the wrong question, so here's the situation:

I'm creating my own certs via the CA i installed on our server.  When setting one up for SSL under IIS, it wants to know the DNS name to assign it to.  If I give it the internal name, I can't access the site from the web.  And if I give it the web URL, I can't use the netbios name any longer.  Is there a way to do both?
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dnojcd is correct if you are working with IIS 5.0 or later and meverest is correct if you are working with IIS 4.0 or earlier.  :-)

The only real way to do both (NetBIOS and DNS names) is to set up two websites and assign a different SSL certificate to each.

Dave Dietz
Assigning multiple SSL certificate to a single site is not possible.You dont have an internal DNS server inside you LAN?.IS your LAN a big one? if not you can add an entry in the hosts.conf file if you dont have an internal DNS. :-)
apart from this i cant find a way to do the both.
make sure that you have each ssl cert associated with a different IP address and you'll be right.

fuze44Author Commented:
Thanks everyone.
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