Best Method for Greeting daily Corporate Visitors via Plasma/LCD Display or similar


We would like to display all our daily visitor names (and their company name) on a big screen when they come and visit one of our 10 offices.

The information we would like to display is standard info like:

Welcome to Company X
Visitor Name(s) :
Company Name:

Your Host Name:
Meeting Room Number:

Any other info/instructions.

1.)      It should look very impressive (we are looking primarily for a fancy solution).
2.)      Display should be large (at least or around 42 Inch Display)
3.)      A simple input form where the data can be entered/updated/managed etc.
4.)      Input device can be a regular keyboard or connected to a server where the information can be updated for all 12 screens or similar (open to ideas).
5.)      Will be great if it can integrated to any sort of database / web application but not required.
6.)            We have approx. 10-30 visitors per day for each office.

Any type of advice on this topic is appreciated. If you can find links to a ready made solution for this case, will be great. Products, Vendors, Articles, anything.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

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Dushan De SilvaConnect With a Mentor Technology ArchitectCommented:
You can try with

And sometimes following solution might help for you.

BR Dushan
how about a MS PowerPoint slideshow?

- easy to set up
- easy to update
- can be made to look very impressive

You could have this on a continuous loop attached to the file on a server.

I think you could also link the PowerPoint file to other MS Apps. i.e. Excel, Access etc.
and embed these within the presentation. So, if for example you have an Excel table of employee names
you could update this a bit like a database.
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