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Problems on workstations after updating HP LaserJet 4200tn drivers on Print Server


I updated the print drivers on my Windows 2003 Print Server for an HP LaserJet 4200tn printer.  Apparantly it updated the drivers for all my 4200 printers (3 of them).  I got slammed with calls that the 4200 printers are not printing from the right tray and/or are very slow.

I checked the printers properties on the print server and discovered that under printer properties the paper type was set to lables, so I changed it to unspecified.  I had to go to each workstation and change it there as well.  That fixed the paper tray selection problem.

However people are still reporting that print jobs are very slow to process and start on all the 4200 printers.  I tried deleting the printer and reinstalling it on each workstation.  Same result.  When I try to access the printer properties from any workstation it takes a few minutes to come up.  My guess is that the server has the newer driver, but the workstations still have the older driver, and this is causing conflict.  Is that correct?  If so how do I fix it?

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You can test that theory by installing the new drivers manually on one of the workstations, have you tried removing the print queue completely for this printer and then removing any trace of the old driver, then reinstall it in case there is something left from the old one that could possibly be causing the problem.
You can put the IP address in your browser URL and connect to the printer.  Might want to see if that works fine and try to print a configuration page.  If all is good then as suggested reloading the driver on a test machine.  Might also want to check if the paper type on the printer and each machine are the same.  (i.e. The computer is asking to print Bond Paper and the printer has one of the trays designated as Bond Paper.)

Hope this Helps!!!
ckangas7Author Commented:
I can connect to the printer via web browser fine.  How do you remove the print que for a specific printer?  Also, how do you remove all traces of the old driver?  How can you manually install the newer driver on a workstation?  I tried deleting the printer and adding it again, but it seems to just default to the old drivers already on the hard drive.  Are there certain files I need to delete to force it to reinstall newer drivers off the server?  Do I have the option to simply reinstall the old driver, or will that just make matters worse.

Also might want to try printing directly to the printer, bypassing the server.  Using an account with administrator rights on the workstation add the printer as a local printer pointed at the TCP/IP address of the printer.  It should prompt for drivers etc.  Then try printing to that printer and see if it makes any difference.  This at least verifys the capability of the workstation and printer, and verifies that the problem is related to the driver installed on the server.
TYou could try doing a search in the registry and remove anything that is to do with the printer, but careful you don't delete the wrong thing.
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