Exchange, cannot delete mailbox

Recently, I had to remove a mail enable contact and a user with a mailbox from our active directory. In the past, when I did this, the mailbox in exchange would be marked for deletion within a month. However this no longer seems to be the case. Is there a way to delete these "stuck" mailboxes? If i can provide any usefull info just let me know.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What happens if you run cleanup?

Right click on the mailboxes in ESM and choose "Run Cleanup Agent".

Open ESM
Right click on the mailbox you want to delete and select exchange tasks and select "delete mailbox".
See if that works

And as Simon said, run cleanup agent after you delete to see if its really deleted.

If mailbox has X in it, right click and click purge.

To Delete a Mailbox in Exchange

1. Right-click the user in Active Directory Users and Computers.
2. Click Exchange Tasks.
3. Click Next on the Welcome page of the Exchange Task Wizard.
4. Click Delete Mailbox.
5. Click Next, click Next, and then click Finish.
The mailbox is now flagged for deletion and will be permanently deleted at the end of the mailbox retention period unless you recover it.
hangelesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sembee. That worked immediately.
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