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I work for a small 10 person company and I have developed a small job managing database that I want everyone to have a copy of the front end on their pc. I currently have it in access 97 where you can compile and deploy the front end. I know from another project I was involved in that in about 2000 microsoft split access into two packages the basic user and the professional. As a few years have gone by and I am not up with the play now do I have to buy the latest professional version of access too be able to compile and deploy and application?


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Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
You'll need the Developer Tools - the precise nature of the package it comes with has varied over the versions.
97 is not supported by MS any more.
However - you'll likely be able to pick up a version of it from here and there.
(Perhaps on a well known internet auction site or something like that - though I couldn't possibly say ;-)
Just make sure it's legit. :-)

If there is no functionality beyond 97 that you require then (which it still runs under Windows) you can continue with it.
Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Oh - and as a general comment (on the question title) - 97 is widely considered the best ever for it's time.
But 2003 is the version of choice for many now (myself included).
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