possible trojan using winamp?

My friend rescently downloaded a video on limewire that said it was 4MB big. When he ran the video it lasted barely 2 seconds and afterwards the file became undeletable. when i right clicked the file the option to delete or look at file properties  was not available. When trying to delete the file using other methods there was no response. I cannot move or even rename the file, and when i looked at the file properties using the menu option the file size was zero and there was no file extention. The video ran only once and does not play now. My question is : How do i delete a file that's not even there? even thoguh i can see it in the folder?
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Try this:

(1) Move everything useful out of that folder and into some other folder.

(2) Assuming that un-deletable file is in a folder named c:\myfiles\music
     open a command promt window and:
      > cd c:\myfiles
      > rd /s music

This will delete the folder named music and all files and folders within.
If still can't delete it, try either of these tools:
1. Download Unlocker from either link:

Install it.
Reboot your computer.
After reboot, navigate to the file you want to delete,
right-click on it and choose "Unlocker".
A window should come up, click to highlight the file path and choose "unlock" (make sure "no action" is chosen in the program).
After you unlock it, right-click on the file and choose delete.

2.Download Pocket Killbox.
*Select the "Delete on Reboot" option.
I would just try going into safe mode and deleting it.  If that doesn't work, use rpggamergirl's solution.
NewBornVisionAuthor Commented:
thank you all for the suggestions. when i get the chance i will try the recommened ways.
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