Can't send email to external POP3 email accounts...

Exchange SBS Problem-When first installed, I attempted to use the Exchange POP3 connector to collect email @ (an ISP hosted domain/POP server).  This connector did not work at all.  I tried stopping and restarting all the services dealing with this connector, but it didn't help.  Finally, I gave up and used the Outlook 2003 client to attach to both the Exchange server (on my local domain) and the POP accounts (on the hosted domain).  I now have another problem.  First I would like to remove the POP3 connector from my SBS 2003 Server, and I cannot seem to find a way to do it.  Second, I have yet to change the MX record and have email go directly to my Exchange server so my whole network still pulls POP email from the ISP hosted service (, I cannot send email to users listed in my Exchange server who are only accessing from a webbased mail service using the IPS hosted accounts.  In other words, UserA has an Exchange account on my server.  I send to the POP3 email address they have.  The email never gets there.  I don't get any errors.  Everyone else gets my emails, except the users on my Exchange Server.  The only difference I can find is that these users are not listed in the POP3 connector service that would try to collect external POP3 email accounts.  Any ideas why I can't send to these users?
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Run the Internet Mail Wizard again to remove the POP3 connector configuration. You should not try to make changes in SBS without running the wizard.

When you send email, what server do you send outbound email to? Your ISPs or the Exchange server?
This sounds like classic shared SMTP namespace issues, which are covered in this article at Microsoft.


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