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I have a new client that is using the Blackberry 7150t.  They gave me a machine to use but it used to be someone else's.  Is there a way to reset it?  I would like to redo the email settings and attempt to sync with outlook OWA.

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
f you have the Blackberry desktop manager , then all you need to do is create a new location document ad fill in the fields regarding the mail server and mail file name, and make sure that TCPIP is the only one checked in the Ports section.
Your ID file should also be identified in the Advanced Section - ID file to switch to.

You can compare with the standard "office" location.

hen you should be able to start the BB desktop manager, choose the profile and that's it.

I hope this helps !
Also - Is this a Notes Client ? You mention OWA . How is your Notes set up to read mail ?

hmcnastyAuthor Commented:
Well , here's the thing.  

The company that I am consunting for is running exchange 2003. It looks like they also have some thrid party running a pop3 account fro them in orderto sync the blackberrys. A few of the employees can not send or reply to emails from their Blakberrys.  When they hit send it just gives them a red x next to the email.  I imagine it's nto configured correctly but ....

Well You are requesting Help in the Lotus Domino TA, so perhaps you shoould move this question to an Exchange Related TA, or alternatively to the BlackBerry TA

In general - If you get a used Blackberry the best thing to do is use the Wipe command under security, and then do a reactivation.

I hope this helps !
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