OTCL Instalation in Linux.


 for my project, I need to install TCL/tk and OTCL in my Linux PC. I installed TCL versions (8.4 & 8.4) Tk version (8.5) in my Linux PC. It is successful & I can run TCL Tk.  But when I am installing the OTCL . (ver 1.11) It gave me a error .. saying TCL installation is not proper.. The error is

./configure  command gave this error in the end..

configure: error: Installation of tcl seems incomplete or can't be found automatically.
Please correct the problem by telling configure where tcl is
using the argument --with-tcl=/path/to/package
(perhaps after installing it),
or the package is not required, disable it with --with-tcl=no.

Any body have an idea how to solve it..

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OTCL needs the libs and headers of tcl/tk, so you need specify those... Just like the error message denotes:-). Could you try running ./configure with teh correct --with-tcl= line and quote the verbatim errors here?
You still "avoided" one question: Distro and version of linux?

-- Glenn
Instead of typing:


you need to type:

./configure --with-tcl=/path/to/package

as I presume you need to use tcl in your project? If not, then

./configure --with-tcl=no

is fine, but you will not be able to use tcl in your OTCL.

to find the correct path to package, type:

which tcl

and you should get the required info.
It might be that you installed tcl either in /usr/local, or in /opt/tcltk8.4

try those as the --with-tcl= option (as pjedmond says)
Relevant questions: Distro of linux, and version? How did you install tcl and tk? Source or prepackaged?

-- Glenn
sreenathkAuthor Commented:

 I installed TCK & TK with the source.. I installed both using ./configure  
make   & make install commands... They are installed in /usr/local/ directory.  Both TCL & TK are working fine...  BUt during OTCL installation it gives this error. If i say
 ./configure --with-tcl=no.

It is giving http.tcl not found.. But it is available. I tried installing tcl again and again.. But it is same problem..

Please help me.
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