Need Mac OS X Printer Driver for HP 1022 / 1020 Laserjet Printer

I bought an HP 1020 Laserjet, mistakenly thinking it works with an Apple. After searching the web, I learned that I could use HP's 1022 Apple driver, but this is not available online (HP only has a link to the 'Order a CD' page). What I need is a working link to the HP 1022 driver for OS X, or something equivalent that will definately work with my HP 1020. Thanks!
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SteveG00000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just read this, worth a try.

07-09-2005, 09:06 PM

cnjo Registered User

Posts: 1  I downloaded the 1022 driver from HP today. During the install it said it was for the 1020 series. The device scan recognized the driver and I successfully printed a few pages of varing complexity. I'm left wondering why HP's 1020 pages don't lead to the same driver. Here's hoping nothing crops up down the road.

Hope this works ok.
BryanZwahlenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I found an answer here:

1) Download; (Old version)
2) If you have anything for the HP 1020 in "/Library/Reciepts" delete it.
3) Delete anything for the HP 1020 in Printer in "Printer Setup Utility"
4) Add new printer in "Printer Setup Utility", select HP LaserJet 1020, driver should come up, click ADD
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