Powerpoint start EXE flash projector file on startup

Currently I have a Powerpoint presentation with on the First page an Hyperlink to the Flash Projector file (.EXE). This works fine when clicking on the Hyperlink.

Hyperlink contains:
> "start program" option selected
> "introduction.exe" is the selected filename

I would prefer the introduction.exe to start by itself after starting. Start .EXE automatically without having to click the hyperlink first.

So when starting the presentation (not in editor mode off course), by clicking the projector-screen button, a script (for example Visual Basic) or a command should start this introduction.exe so no hyperlink is required.

How do I do this? Please also explain how I get the function / command / option to start right after startup of the presentation?

thx for the help!
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Hi dutchfoxer,

you could start at this FAQ entry because you probably want to look into handling powerpoint events

there is a SlideShowBegin event you can catch the FAQ explains the steps to get this working, in the SlideShowBegin event you can do a shell to your exe

just comment how things go

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dutchfoxerAuthor Commented:
It is the best tip I received so far. This website guided me to http://skp.mvps.org/autoevents.htm

On this website it seems that you first need to install an "Add-in" into the Powerpoint presentation before being able to use the onEvent "SlideShowBegin".

So people with a Powerpoint-application without this "Add-in" will not benefit from the onEvent "SlideShowBegin" which I would have put in my PPT file. So they will not see my introduction movie.

Apparently this onEvent works fine without any Add-ins in MS-Word and Excel!? Why not in Powerpoint? Bill Gates being funny again?
yes thats the case sinceversion 97

although powerpoint supports a lot of events they are not triggered from within the application without an addin which looks like a dumb omission compared to the other office apps

i looked in the beta 2007 and it still is the same object model as 2003

however if you have the option of building a small program in vb.net to automate powerpoint this will give you more control and you can run the flash in powerpoint from there, but maybe thats a bit too far fetched
dutchfoxerAuthor Commented:
Well it did not solve the problem.... it was decided to keep the extra slide with the hyperlink on it linking to the presentation.... so still a manual start.

Thanks for the help anyway!
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