301 issue with the %20

I have the following .htaccess file

redirect 301 /design/meetings/ http://www.venueteam.co.uk/venue-team-conferences.html
redirect 301 /design/contactus/ http://www.venueteam.co.uk/venue-team-contact-us.html
redirect 301 /design/accom/index.htm http://www.venueteam.co.uk/venue-team-accommodation.html
redirect 301 /design/top%20ten%20hotels/midlands/belfry/ http://www.venueteam.co.uk/venue-team-venues/midlands/de-vere-belfry-sutton-coldfield.html

ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

for some reason all the redirects work apart from the one with the %20 for the spaces..

can anyone help.

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if you put the string in quotes , you don't need %20 .. like this:

redirect 301 "/design/top ten hotels/midlands/belfry/" http://www.venueteam.co.uk/venue-team-venues/midlands/de-vere-belfry-sutton-coldfield.html

a discussion on this issue (you can find some other workarounds there ):

ShaneJonesAuthor Commented:
Winner,,,, thank you very much Tol_cv
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