Cant Send/Receive - URGENT

Hi there

This is urgent as i need a message that has been sent to me.

When I press Send/Receive it just hangs waiting to send, there is one message in the outbox and can see that there are 18 messages to come in.

I think it might be the message that it is trying to send, it says it hasnt been sent yet, but the person has received 15 copies of it so far, so i think it is stuck in the outbox. I have tried to delete this message from the outbox but get the following error:

"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the Problem persists, restart Outlook."

I have restarted outlook, restarted my PC, and used detect and repair in the help menu and nothing works.

Any ideas?
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Greetings, AndriesKeun !

You PST file may be corrupted or too large: Recover Damaged Outlook PST File
Outlook Recovery   Demo recovery

Repair a 2GB Outlook Personal Folder

Best wishes!
What version of outlook? Are you on a LAN or connect from home?
Just in case if you do get late to reply.

Disable Windows XP firewall.

Disable any antivirus software that may be integrated with outlook.

Start Outlook in safe mode. At start run type - Outlook /safe and recheck.
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AndriesKeunAuthor Commented:
think it might be because my pst file got to 2gig without me realising, busy tring to sort it out


go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 and repair pst file....this is outlook file....another problem
is folder size big . normally personnel folder above 2g hangs outllook and makes problem . third thing there may some spyware in the computer which is effecting the outlook

AndriesKeunAuthor Commented:
It was a combination of the pst file being 2gig and a 16Mb email trying to come in. Come on, who allows a 16Mb email to be even sent?

I realised what it was before most of the comments came through, so i will split points according to the best explanation.

Thanks guys
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