Using Rules & Alerts

2 related questions when using Outlook Rules & Alerts:

1. when i set a rule the options automatically select "on this machine only" which means that until this is unchecked the rules don't run - how can this be rectified?
2. I back up my rules daily so that when i import all my outlook data into my Laptop the rules do not import properly ( they are in red)

Any ideas on either or both of these questions would be appreciated.

Richard M R Evans
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meintsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) You can't change the "default behavior" for client-side rules.

    see here for more info ........

2) I'm lost here.  "Why backup rules daily for importing?"   This comment makes no sense.
evansrmrAuthor Commented:
No - i backupup mail etc daily onto a Exrenal caddy which i take with me to plug into my laptop when on the move. The rules i backup ready for a trip.
i then want to import all the mail & rules to use on the Laptop, so i have a mirror of my Outlook on the laptop.


Richard M R Evans
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