Email from Outlook 2003 marked as spam

Spam Assasin  marked all our emails sendt from Outlook 2003 as spam.

The broken rules are:

Content analysis details:   (8.7 points, 7.0 required)

 pts rule name              description
---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
 3.1 MSGID_DOLLARS                     Message-Id has pattern used in spam
 2.4 RATWARE_MS_HASH               Bulk email fingerprint (msgid ms hash) found
 3.1 RATWARE_OUTLOOK_NONAME Bulk email fingerprint (Outlook no name) found

Are these all normal behavor of Outlook 2003 and are there any way to correct it ?
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I am not familiar with spamassasin but if you are certain that this started happening after the update, is there any possibility of rolling back the update or even doing a reinstallition?
Exchange server 2003 has a junk mail filter which is linked to Outlook 2003, so the settings reside on both applications. If the server is different, then the settings are in Outlook. However since the catergorization is done by Spam Assasin, You need to see why spam assasin does this.

Please refer the link for further info.
NextronAuthor Commented:
I have gone through the "Tips for Legitimate Senders to Avoid False Positives", but can't find anything refering to this these rules. The  problem occured after the newest rule update from SpamAssasin on june 6.

It's not only a problem for the internal email but also got feedback from our customers that mail from us are marked as spam, I guess Spam Assasin is quite common used :)

I guess Spam Assasin will not change their rules, so how can I make Outlook avoid dollars in message ID and insert a "Outlook name" ?
NextronAuthor Commented:
The problem is not only internal but also for all that receive mail from us and use Spam Assasin.
Solved the problem by install this locally -  and use filter for removing message-ID.
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