Making a form always on top (but just for the application)

I've got an application that I am writing for a customer that has need of a toolbar that is always showing as long as they are on the application.  The base application itself is an MDI forms project but the window does not have to be an MDI child.  I've currently got the toolbar as a standalone form and have code to make it "always on top".. but all of the code I have found makes it "always on top" of everything.


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EDDYKTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just use 0, frmmain

where form1 is the form you want to show
frmmain is your mdi form (not mdi child)
MELeBlancAuthor Commented:
In all my years of VB programming I have never used that parameter in the show method.... now I know what I can use it for..  ;-)


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