Ghosting using Symantec? v8.2

Hello, experts...
We have a new set of laptops that we need to use Ghost v8.2 on...
What we're experiencing is this:

We have a good pc, and have uploaded a good image to a computer we're using on our enterprise LAN--to my desktop a shared drive...using it like a create and restore ghost images to and from the laptops we want to set up.

We then made a cd with winimage that has all the dos programs (we thought...we read some instruction on a link inside an experts exchange answered question...and all steps worked fine) we needed, using the winimage program. The laptop does boot fine from the cd we made, although the program ghost.exe is not on it (it wouldn't load on the winimage program--on the bootable cd) I then used the laptop's floppy and started ghost.exe. It starts ghost fine, but all of the peer-to-peer and ghostcast functions of ghost are disabled (you know---grayed out...unusable).  

We just need to be able to use the ghost program to restore an image to the laptop.

ONE more thing--- the drive we're using to boot with is external...
Do we need to boot to an internal cd rom drive instead? Will that change anything?

Thanks one and all!
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The ghost executable only shows the network portions of the application if the network has been correctly setup prior to ghost starting.

Oops, I may have led you down the wrong path earlier...It has been awhile since I created my ISO's.  

Try selecting the "Network Boot Package" from the Ghost Boot Wizard. You have to ensure you select the right network adapter that matches your nic in the PC. You can still select either the floppy disk or ISO option for your newely created disks.  If Ghost does not have your nic drivers, you can import them from the OEM disks that shipped with your nic or system.

That should do the trick.

Sounds like your NOT using the Ghost Boot Wizard to create you bootable media...

Open the Ghost Boot Wizard in the Ghost Console Application.

Select "CD/DVD Startup Boot Package with Ghost" and follow the prompts.

This will create a package with all of the necessary files required to boot and run ghost.

You can create a set of bootable floppy disks OR create an ISO image which can then be burned to CD to create a bootable CD Disk.

Boot to the newely created media and you should then be able to push a Ghost image from your console machine to your laptops...

Good Luck.

If you want to use the disc you created you need to use the ghost32.exe file adn not the ghost.exe file. also, you need to request from Symantec through your support channel a copy of the registered ghost executable.
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TeamMISCBCAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I did just re-make my ghost boot disks -- using the ghost console application. I then took the disks to  a pc, booted and ghost starts, but again---
the functions that use the network are "disabled"  (ie...all of the peer-2-peer and tcp/ip functions are not usable).

Q--is the reason they are disabled...because the ghost program does not recognize/know the nic card in the desktop I'm using?

It does EXACTLY the same
thing on the windows xp (laptop pc)...the desktops I'm using are win 2000.


I thought the ghost32.exe was only used while in windows os?

What is this about getting a copy of the registered ghost executable from symantec? We bought the software...please explain...thanks

TeamMISCBCAuthor Commented:
wsinv---OR anybody else...

When I download the nic drivers for the laptop from dell...can that be burned on the  boot cd (using symantec's ghost boot wizard)...AS an exe file (that's what form it downloads from the dell support site)?

So, if I put on the dell nic drivers --ON the ghost boot cd...will those auto extract and run use the drivers on the ghost boot disc--when booting the laptop?

Thanks again...

To use the Ghost NIC create boot disk, your drivers must be DOS NDIS drivers. Anything else will fail. If you are using a WinPE or other type windows boot disk, you need to use Ghost32.exe in that envron. Ghost.exe will work in a strickly DOS shell but the 32Bit version is for use with things like Winternals or WinPE.
By the way, Intel NIC's suck for support with WinPE. Also Dell may not be willing to yield DOS drivers for your NIC. Out with the old in with the... Well suffice it to say in with something :)
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