Backup Exec 8.6 Missing Jobs

I am running Backup Exec 8.6 and I am backing up a Windows 2000 server to another external disk.

I recently started having issues where the jobs are not running as scheduled.  I even tried to run the job "now" and the job gets queued but always stays at scheduled.  If I reboot the server all the jobs that were scheduled and did not run are changed to missed.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Check the messages BE outputs. Maybe there is some error messages which is waiting for your confirmation. Also make sure the services are running and the destination you are backing up to has enough free space or is set to be overwritten by the backup.
xactdesignAuthor Commented:
On the "Devices" tab I noticed my whole entire server was checked to "Pause".  I've had my back up to disk folder pause before, but never the entire server.  Weird.

Anyway I'll hook you up with the point since you got me to look in that general direction.

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